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Publications in refereed journals

Gutman, M. (2019). International Mobility and Cultural Perceptions among Senior Teacher Educators in Israel: 'I Have Learned to Suspend Judgment’. Journal of Education for Teaching, 45(4). (IF=1.37)

Gutman, M. (2019). Retrospective View of the Early Career: Three Landmarks in Building Resilience in Academic Administration among Israeli Teacher Training College Principals. Journal of Educational Administration and History. (IF=0.9)

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Articles under review

Gutman, M. (under review, first revision). Leading the Professional Learning Community for Teacher Educators: Inquiry into College Principals' Motives, Experiences and Emotions. Submitted to Teacher Development.

Gutman, M. (under review). From Teacher to Senior Teacher Educator: Exploring Career Transition and the Teaching-Research Nexus in Israeli Colleges. Submitted to Journal of Education for Teaching.

Gutman, M. Exploring perception of integrity among senior teacher educators.
Books Edited

Gutman, M., Jayusi, W. Bekerman, M., & Bekerman, Z. (in preparation). "To be a Teacher in a Foreign Culture: an International Perspective"- edited volume.

Chapters in Referees Books

Gutman, M. (Accepted). Israeli senior teacher educators: trajectories as minority in a foreign institutional culture. In D. Court (Eds.), Dilemmas and issues in teaching in a multicultural context. Mofet institute, Tel Aviv [in Hebrew].

Doctoral Dissertation

Gutman, M. (2012). Tutoring environment's influence on self-regulated learning and self-regulate teaching among pre-service teachers. PhD Dissertation. Bar- Ilan University [in Hebrew].

M.A. Dissertation

Gutman, M. (2005). Influence of metacognitive interactions on self-regulated learning and understanding mathematical oncepts in 9th Grade. M.A. Thesis. Bar- Ilan University [in Hebrew].

Research Proposals Submitted – Pending

2019- Minority Teachers in Israeli Schools: Investigating 'Stigma-Breaking Cases' and Limitations of a Multicultural Teaching Force, with Wurud Zayusi and Zvi Bekerman, submitted to ISF (Israeli Science Foundation)

Supervision of Graduate Students

Zak, Elina. (2016). Attitudes toward ICT in Education and Adoption Patterns of Innovation among Teachers from the CIS and Native Israelis. M.Ed Thesis (Master of Education Degree, with extension), Gordon, Academic College of Education, Haifa, Israel

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